Just How Messed Up Are We: Making Sense of Sin & Depravity

As I have written of previously (cf. Can Men Be Good Without God), the questions of the origin of evil and the extent to which Man himself is evil are big questions which people have been discussing for generations. The biggest problem that Followers of the Way of the Cross have faced with trying to make sense of these questions of Sin and Depravity, is that our experiences are inconsistent and therefore often do not line up with popular Christian teaching on the matter, which tends to either oversimplify or overlook reality.

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Making Sense Of The Day Of Pentecost

Acts 2 details the events of the first Pentecost following the resurrection and ascension of Messiah.  Too often this text is interpreted through the broken hermeneutic of popular Christian theological systems which, due to their inherently anti-Semitic prepositions, often emphasize the wrong aspects of the text.  In doing so, they render a narrative of it […]

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