Science, Education & Climate Change

Several days ago I came across an Advertisement on Facebook for a new curriculum that purports to empower teachers to educate students about climate change.

Now the average High School graduate can’t read or write past an 8th-grade level (some studies go as low as 3rd grade), is woefully ignorant of both the history and literature which shaped western civilization, and is seemingly incapable of thinking critically about anything.

But according to the Alliance for Climate Education, what we need is for Teachers to forget trying to teach kids how to think and instead become Activists who teach the kids what to think about a Highly Controversial Social Issue. By definition, this is Indoctrination. And pretending like all the Dissension is driven by Misinformation is just dishonest.

We #Resist Ignorance by teaching kids Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Then when they have mastered those things we hand them a stack of studies (from the Climate Sciences or whatever) and they can read through it for themselves, and make an actual, educated decision, for themselves.

But apparently I was unaware of how deep this has rooted itself because today there was this in the AP: Students Globally Protest Warming, Pleading For Their Future



Apparently, students and Adults across 100 countries skipped school to protest.

Not to protest declining educational outcomes because Activists have turned schools into centers for indoctrination leaving the few teachers still committed to seeing children learn how to think critically outnumbered and under-supported.

Nope. These students wasted their parents’ and their neighbors’ tax dollars, not to mention their privilege of receiving an education at all; so they could protest Climate Change… because Adults just don’t get it.

Here is the thing, historically, when children demanded to be heard because they didn’t like something that they weren’t yet fully capable of understanding due to the limitations of their age and their scope knowledge, it was called “pitching a fit” not a protest.

But according to the wisdom of today, these Children should be celebrated for their Activism, not disciplined for Truancy. Maybe even given a trophy… maybe the Nobel Peace Prize (Teenage climate activist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize).

Will this be the next wave of parenting advice: “Your children don’t need correction when they are acting up because you won’t let them have what they want, they need you to support their natural tendency to protest injustice and systemic oppression.”

But I digress.

Whether you believe in man-made Climate change or not, whether you trust the Government to figure this out or not; celebrating students’ disregard for the freedoms and opportunities they already have, is a celebration of Ignorance.

True Science and the Education which prepares us to engage in it, cannot be bypassed for the sake of Activism. If we want our children to be apart of a solution then we need to encourage them to occupy a Library and perhaps a Lab, to find ways to actually help innovate real progress.

It may not be as exciting, but it will be more effective.