The Call to Re-Evangelize the West – Foreword

Church in Ruins

Table of Contents



Pt 1 – A Fractured Society

Pt 2 – A Brave New World

Pt 3 – Where Do We Go From Here



This essay was originally a paper I wrote for one of my last classes before graduating with my BA in Pastoral Ministries from John Wesley College (now Laurel University) in High Point North Carolina in 2005.

My friend and Academic Dean, Dr. John Lindsey allowed me to take an exclusive (it was just he and I) Missions course in substitute for another which was required for my graduation but not being offered at the time.

It was a fortunate thing for me that this was the case because through this I was introduced to concepts which I was unaware of before and yet resonated deep within me.

In the years since, it has become fashionable to speak of being missional or incarnational, and yet by in large all that has happened is that we have adopted the vocabulary of missiologists while ignoring their admonishments of the changes that must actually come if we are to reach a Post-Christian West with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So while this essay will no doubt be review for many, I have included it in my collection for the sake of providing in some small way a journal of my personal journey as I struggled to come to terms with these things.