The Call to Re-Evangelize the West – Conclusion

Church in Ruins 6

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Pt 1 – A Fractured Society

Pt 2 – A Brave New World

Pt 3 – Where Do We Go From Here



Late in the Eighteenth century a young man by the name of William Carey began to decry the inactivity of the Church of his day in reaching out to the Heathen of India.  His heart cried out for the world which Jesus died for to be reconciled to God through that sacrifice.  While many of Carey’s contemporaries had no interest in his passionate pleas, eventually God used his efforts to birth the modern day Mission’s movement.

The West is in now firmly established in a postmodern and post-Christian cultural dynamic that necessitates its re-evangelism.  As I understand it, the Missiological Paradigm has the best chance of accomplishing this task of the Church because of its inter-disciplinary character.  The question is, “Does the Church even desire to join God in His Redemptive Work?”

Researcher George Barna has observed the following sobering characteristic of the professing Church in America today.  According to Barna most self-professed Christians are only dabblers in the Faith[1] lacking any desire for holiness; begging the question of how serious these people are about their faith, and how real their relationship with Christ is.[2]

Honest reflection forces us to acknowledge the possibility that much of what we call the Church may in fact be nothing more than a white-washed sepulture full of dead men’s bones.  As in the days of William Carey there is a great need, and a great indifference to that need.  The time has come; Men and Women of God must rise up, the Watchmen must cry out; for if the Spirit of the Living God is not poured out on us then all will be lost.

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