Revolution denotes the overthrow of an established power structure.  Those who have power desire to keep it and those who don’t have it want it.

In order for those who want power to get it they must be strong enough to take it, the essential premise of Darwin’s natural selection.  Often this is thought of only in terms of physical violence, but in reality there is a long history of using psychological violence to manipulate people into doing what one wants.  Great examples of this include Machiavelli from the perspective of those who are in power and Marx from the perspective of those who are not.

Interestingly the concept of Revolution has so captivated the post-modern mind that that it now permeates our culture and affects how we relate to one another and to raw ideas even on the most basic levels.

The word paradigm is derived from a Revolutionary view of Science.  Postmodern literary criticism derives from a Revolutionary view Literature.  Racial, Ethnic, Feminist and Economic criticism all stem from this same Revolutionary view of Sociology.  In Religion it’s known as Liberation Theology.  In American politics it’s called Progressivism.

What all of these have in common is that they understand the world through the lens of Revolution, of Power and Oppression.  Each positions themselves as the oppressed that must rise up and overthrow the Establishment who have a vested interest in obscuring the truth and controlling the masses.

But what happens when the paradigm (to use Revolutionary vocabulary) fully shifts and the Oppressed succeed in overthrowing the Establishment?

When your entire world view is predicated on being the Oppressed, and you no longer are, you have an identity crisis.  You must either accept your new role, or you must find a way to convince people that the oppression hasn’t ended even though you are now in power.

Thus in a post-modern society everyone learns the vocabulary of Victimization.  We are all the victims of someone else’s scheme’s to keep us down.  We are constantly involved in an ongoing fight for dominance over those forces that seek to keep us from having what we want, what we are owed, what we are entitled to.

The vocabulary of Victimization is a necessary prerequisite for control, because only when the masses believe we are truly free can we be completely and utterly controlled.  Only when we speak to ourselves in the language of Victimization can we keep the Revolutionary narratives from breaking down.  Only when we are convinced that in the “Us against Them” dynamic, “They” are the enemy will be shrug off “Their” arguments as well conceived lies to trick us back into Slavery.

In this way Revolution is like Evolution, on its quest for progress the biggest fly in the ointment is the issue of origins.  For just as Evolutionary theory as the basis of much of post-modern society’s structures goes unquestioned until progress becomes self-evidently elusive, so also is Revolution relatively unquestioned until it becomes obvious that as a philosophical framework it is fundamentally flawed.

It seems ironic to me that it is here where true Revolutionaries should be most interested in tearing off the facade of falsehood that they are like most Evolutionists, unwilling to pull back the mask of false objectivity and choosing rather to resign themselves to embracing the Absurdity of intellectual inconsistency.

So what is the true origin of Revolution?

The Judeo Christian Scripture reveals in Genesis that Adonai created everything for His glory; to show the Host of Heaven that He is holy, just and good.  Like an artist He gave everything a place and put everything in its place; He designed everything so that it would work together perfectly.  At the pinnacle of this creative work He fashioned Mankind, male and female together, in His image and likeness.  He appointed them His ambassadors to Creation, Prince and Princess of all that He had made.  This gift of representation and authority carried with it responsibility and the warning that the free choices of Mankind would be binding.

Into this originally ordained authority structure Lucifer the first Revolutionary comes with the lie that God’s reason for restricting Adam and Eve is to keep them from their full potential.  His advice is that they should rebel against the One Sovereign Maker-King and His oppressive control of their lives.  If they will do this, they are assured of true freedom.

Unfortunately Mankind was not designed to live separated from Adonai and thus they immediately begin to feel the weight of their own mortality press upon them.  They experience fear and shame for the first time.  Suddenly their ability to be rational is compromised as they attempt to hide from the All-knowing Almighty God.  What is more, when Adonai comes to speak with them, He informs them that they have brought a curse down on themselves, their children, and all of the creation for which they had been made responsible.

Among other things, from this point forward they are told that Mankind would always struggle for dominance, each man and woman instinctively driven to wrest authority from the other in an attempt to make life bearable.  Thus Revolution enters into the Human Race.  Thus we begin six millennium of struggle for ultimate control… with Freedom being nothing more than the slogan which would be conquerors use to motivate others to join their cause.

And yet Adonai promised from that first moment, that there would be a Counter-Revolution.  That if we would seek His Kingdom, He would redeem us from the curse, He would reconcile us to our place as His chosen, and He would restore in us the Imago Dei which had been broken.  This promise is fulfilled in Yeshua the Messiah.  He was and is and will be the architect and perfecter of our Faith, the promised Counter-Revolution of the Kingdom of Heaven; fought not with a show of force but with meekness and self-sacrifice.

And here is the crux of the whole.  Lucifer like all Revolutionaries is the de-facto prince of this World because of the Rebellion of Adam and Eve.  And yet he continues to deceive Mankind into thinking that freedom will come when we reject the design of Adonai.  If we will stop listening to the propaganda we will realize that this rebellion only leads to destruction – ours and all of Creation.  But Yeshua invites us to come to Him, trust in Him, to hope in Him; and when we do we find the freedom that we have always desired but were convinced didn’t exist.

So ask the questions, dig for answers, pull off the masks, stop settling for the destruction of everything that matters and join the Counter-Revolution of the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 11:12).